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We’am Challenges Her Injury | A Story From Gaza

We’am. A name that means “harmony” – and it couldn’t be more fitting for this young Gazan girl. We’am’s life wasn’t always paved with asphalt; it was built of resilience, forged in the fire of disaster – as all Gazans under siege.

The scars of Israeli bombs etched on her body, a leg lost too soon, could have swallowed her dreams.

This life-altering event forced her to rely on crutches and a wheelchair, leaving her isolated and struggling to adapt. The stares and whispers she encountered added another layer of pain to her ordeal.

But We’am refused to be defined by her wounds.

Instead, She Challenged Her Injury

Her inner strength and determination wouldn’t allow her to surrender. In spite of the challenges, she yearned for normalcy, for a chance to regain her independence and reclaim her dreams.

Medics Intervenes

Then, hope arrived, carried on the wings of your generosity. Medics, fueled by your donations, extended a hand.

Medics team collected financial support from donors for We’am’s condition. The association then provided We’am with a a high-quality prosthetic leg. That enabled her to move, practice normalcy and various hobbies.

This wasn’t just a medical device; it was a key that unlocked a new chapter in her life.

Taking those first steps with her new leg was a monumental moment. Each stride was a victory, a testament to her unwavering spirit. Slowly but surely, We’am regained her mobility, the limitations imposed by her injury fading away. She could walk again, run again, even play again – simple actions that held immense value in her fight for normalcy.


Gaza - Palestine


June 12, 2020




Charity, Care

Contribute To Help People Suffering Like We'am

We’am’s story is one of resilience and hope. It’s a reminder that even amidst the ruins of war, the human spirit can rise and rebuild. But her journey is also a stark illustration of the ongoing hardships faced by many in Gaza. Countless others remain in need of support, struggling to overcome the physical and emotional scars of conflict.

Your continued donations to Medix can make a difference. You can help provide life-changing medical equipment, psychological support, and vital resources to individuals like We’am. Every contribution, regardless of size, becomes a building block in rebuilding lives and restoring hope in a war-torn landscape.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Donate directly to Medics.
  • Share We’am’s story and inspire others to join the cause.
  • Learn more about Medics ongoing projects and campaigns for Gaza.

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